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commit 982799f7a04459170335acd2837e7bb56d89087c
Author:     Dan Klishch <>
AuthorDate: Sat Jan 20 16:20:42 2024 -0500
Commit:     Andrew Kaster <>
CommitDate: Wed Jan 24 22:17:49 2024 -0700

    LibC+LibELF: Pass information from linker via magic lookup
    This works by defining a set of weak symbols in dynamic linker whose
    value would be provided by it. This has the same effect as preloading
    library that magically knows right addresses of functions shared between
    dynamic linker and LibC.
    We were previously passing the same information by rewriting values
    based on hardcoded library name, so the new approach seems a little
    nicer to me.