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commit 54ab6fe5b9ab1d95a2a58ba2ebd40aaeb8e3eeaa
Author:     Ali Mohammad Pur <>
AuthorDate: Tue Feb 6 01:41:35 2024 +0330
Commit:     Ali Mohammad Pur <>
CommitDate: Wed Feb 7 00:43:11 2024 +0100

    LibVT+Everywhere: Introduce 'automarks' and 'clear previous command'
    Automarks are similar to bookmarks placed by the terminal, allowing the
    user to selectively remove a single command and its output from the
    terminal scrollback.
    This commit implements a single way to add marks: automatically placing
    them when the shell becomes interactive.
    To make sure the shell behaves correctly after its expected prompt
    position changes, the terminal layer forces a resize event to be passed
    to the shell on such (possibly) partial clears; this also has the nice
    side effect of fixing the disappearing prompt on the preexisting "clear
    including history" action: Fixes #4192.