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commit 4fbc7017218eb70bccf2d5b0877357fd5076aed1
Author:     Refrag <>
AuthorDate: Sun Feb 4 18:12:38 2024 +0100
Commit:     Tim Schumacher <>
CommitDate: Fri Feb 9 23:10:18 2024 +0100

    Ports: Add Sonic Robo Blast 2
    This commit adds Sonic Robo Blast 2, a Sonic fangame running with SDL2
    to the list of SerenityOS game ports.
    The game is working fine for the most part but there's some performance
    issues and the mouse never resets to the center so it gets stuck in the
    window's corners. It seems like the multiplayer / networking is also
    not quite working but I think that this is very cool already.