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commit c03cca7b2f25bcf5c39f405cc4f3400d85ac06cd
Author:     Dan Klishch <>
AuthorDate: Sat Jun 29 20:27:44 2024 -0400
Commit:     Andrew Kaster <>
CommitDate: Sat Jun 29 20:15:05 2024 -0600

    AK+LibTest: Choose definition of CO_TRY and CO_TRY_OR_FAIL more robustly
    There are three compiler bugs that influence this decision:
     - Clang writing to (validly) destroyed coroutine frame with -O0 and
       -fsanitize=null,address under some conditions
     - GCC being unable to handle statement expressions in coroutines
     - GCC being unable to deduce template type parameter for TryAwaiter
    Instead of growing an ifdef soup in AK/Coroutine.h and
    LibTest/AsyncTestCase.h, define three macros in AK/Platform.h that
    correspond to these bugs and use them accordingly in the said files.