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commit 0f1f92553213c6c2c7268078c9d39b813c24bb49
Author:     Andreas Kling <>
AuthorDate: Mon Nov 21 18:01:22 2022 +0100
Commit:     Andreas Kling <>
CommitDate: Tue Nov 22 21:13:35 2022 +0100

    LibJS: Shrink Identifier's environment coordinate cache
    This patch does two things:
    - We now use u32 instead of size_t for the hops and index fields
      in EnvironmentCoordinate. This means we're limited to an environment
      nesting level and variable count of 4Gs respectively.
    - Instead of wrapping it in an Optional, EnvironmentCoordinate now has
      a custom valid/invalid state using a magic marker value.
    These two changes reduce the size of Identifier by 16 bytes. :^)