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commit 83f1775f15608f3be1b51a38c8937dc0a856c3e7
Author:     Lucas CHOLLET <>
AuthorDate: Fri Feb 16 17:02:47 2024 -0500
Commit:     Andreas Kling <>
CommitDate: Thu Feb 22 16:45:03 2024 +0100

    LibGfx/CCITT: Reimplement PassMode in a less naive way
    The old implementation of PassMode has only been tested with a single
    image, and let's say that it didn't survive long in the wild. A few
    cases were not considered:
     - We only supported VerticalMode right after PassMode.
     - It can happen that token need to be used but not consumed from the
     reference line.
     With that fix, we are able to decode every single PDF file from the
     1000-file zip "0000" (except 0000871.pdf, which uses byte alignment).
     This is massive progress compared to the hundred of errors that we were
     previously receiving.